The Lost Quays of the Lynher


Wacker Quay

The Tamar Valley AONB team is seeking volunteers to help them understand more about the river heritage on the Lynher, in the south of the Tamar Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

In 2010 a survey of public quays was carried out by volunteers, followed in 2014 by a survey of public slipways in partnership with the Tamar Estuaries Consultative Forum (TECF). Since reviewing the results of both surveys, it has become clear that none of the quays on the Lynher were surveyed in 2010, and only Wacker and Wearde Quays were surveyed in 2014.

Historic maps and data from Cornwall Historic Environment Record, suggests that from the late 19th century onwards there were at least 50 quays on the part of the Lynher river that lies within the Tamar Valley AONB, and some may be even earlier.

Sam Barnes, Helping Hands for Heritage project officer says, “The Tamar Valley AONB is mainly known for the River Tamar and its public quays at Calstock and Weir Quay, as well as the historic trade routes that linked many smaller quays along the Devon and Cornwall banks. But the Tavy and Lynher (or St Germans) rivers both also have stretches within the Tamar Valley AONB. We would like to focus one of our final Helping Hands for Heritage volunteer surveys on this area, discovering and, where possible, recording quays and any limekilns associated with them”.

If you are enthusiastic and have an interest in the heritage of the Lynher area to research, locate, photograph, and record the lost quays of the Lynher, please do get in touch.

As many of the quays appear to be on private land, or only accessible from the river, if you have contacts with landowners along the riverside (or maybe even own the land yourself), or if you are a keen and capable kayaker or boater, that would be an advantage.

We will use the information gathered as a point in time record of what exists on the Lynher, and to raise awareness of the importance of our river heritage to trade and industry.

Full instructions and maps will be provided by the AONB team. Any water-based activity is done at your own risk. The timescale for this project runs until the end of April 2016.

Please contact Sam Barnes, tel: 01822 835030, or email:


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