Tamar Valley Woodfuel Day held

Earlier this month, the Cordiale team held a Woodfuel Demonstration Day within the Tamar Valley AONB, aimed at farm & rural businesses.

Twenty-nine people attended and found the event very informative. The day included a site visit, looking at a woodchip boiler and chip store, and then tested a variety of tools to help inform farmers and landowners about installation and supply.

The Cordiale team invited people to bid for a free woodfuel feasibility audit and 2 have done so. During the day, it became apparent that there are opportunities for local people to source logs, in particular, through a number of small woods that are being offered for lease to community groups. The wood chip market is currently insufficiently developed to enable a wood fuel processing hub to be economically viable without public funding; whilst the AONB team cannot provide capital for such a venture, it will investigate working with potential site owners and wood fuel contractors, to undertake further feasibility, and identify grant sources, so that a first hub for the Valley could come to fruition.

Further information – Simon Bates, Cordiale Project Officer – 01822 835033, sbates@tamarvalley.org.uk