Tamar Valley Logo Hunt

example of an interpretation board seen in the Tamar Valley

Have you seen these logos on an interpretation board in the Tamar Valley near you? If so, please get in touch!


This summer, the Tamar Valley celebrated 25 years since designation as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


Over that time, many projects and initiatives to conserve and enhance natural beauty (including wildlife, geology and landscape features, archaeology and architecture) have taken place in the area. To provide information, a number of interpretation boards have been erected over the years at certain locations throughout the Valley.


Unfortunately, many of these boards are looking tired now and some contain information that is very out of date. With the introduction of a new brand for the Tamar Valley AONB, it seems timely to take stock of everything that’s out there, to start scheduling updates of the panels or replacing them entirely if they are no longer fit for purpose.


… and this is where we’d love your help!


During your daily exercise, if you pass an information board that contains one of our old logos, please could you note where it is, what information it contains and provide a brief description of the condition of the board? A simple survey form is available by emailing Charlotte at cdancer@tamarvalley.org.uk


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