Tamar Community Trust Statement – regarding River Tamar Walkway & Wetland Project, Calstock


The Tamar Community Trust (TCT) would like to issue the following statement regarding the River Tamar Walkway & Wetland Project:

The Tamar Community Trust is currently discussing options for the long-term management of Town Farm Field as part of the wider Walkway & Wetland Project in Calstock.

In order to get the best overall picture of the benefits that this project will bring to the community and the environment of the village, a partnership has been set up consisting of various organisations and community representatives, working with TCT to consider the options and suggestions proposed so far.

These options and suggestions, along with others from local residents and businesses, are being collated. A meeting of the TCT and community partners will take place on Wednesday 3rd November where the best options for all aspects of the project will be identified.

A public consultation meeting will then be held in Calstock Village Hall on Saturday 20th November, 10am-1pm, to present the proposals for further public comment, and to take on any further views.

Please rest assured, TCT recognises the importance of the annual Bike Show for the local community and businesses, and fully supports the full use of Town Farm Field for camping.


The Tamar Community Trust.

Contact: Jane Kiely, Chair, email: janekiely3@gmail.com, tel:  01752 466287



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