CORDIALE toolkits

Community Supported Woodlands and Hedges – Woodfuel and other benefits from small woodlands and hedges

This toolkit suggests some  approaches to develop a community woodlands group, locate a woodland or hedge, enter into an agreement with a landowner and manage the woodland or hedge appropriately and safely; and provides references to more detailed support and advice. These documents are for guidance only, please seek appropriate professional advice.

It is designed to be a living document, available on-line, supporting the ongoing development of a network of passionate champions, user groups and landowners and providing access to relevant information, tools and potential support services and specialists.

Woodfuel Toolkit for agents – hedge and small woodland biomass calculator

To enable a detailed, whole farm audit of the sustainable volume of fuel from hedges and small farm woodlands, that could be realised over a 15-year timeframe.

Whole farm hedge wood fuel assessment tool, version 10, 19 Sept 2014

Hedge woodfuel assessment tool guidance notes, July 2014

Hedge Woodfuel Survey Recording Form, Sept 2014

Easy Woodfuel Toolkits for landowners

These quick techniques simply involve the landowner tallying up which types of hedge and woodland occur on his/her land, as set out in a single sheet pictorial guides. This will generate a rough estimation of on-farm woody biomass and it should therefore be followed by a detailed inventory using the methodology above.

Farm Woodfuel Audit – Quick Appraisal

Hedges Woodfuel Audit – Quick Appraisal

Woodfuel Toolkit to help obtain more accurate quotations for wood boiler installation

To enable anyone considering the installation of a wood boiler to collate all the information necessary to obtain accurate quotations from woodfuel specialists. Successful wood fuel / biomass installations require careful site-specific assessment. It is not possible for a template to be a complete decision making tool, but it should increase the chances that quotations by wood fuel specialists are closer in price. It should enable specialists to advise customers whether a detailed site assessment should be completed.

Wood fuel site assessment template