New Planning Service offered by Tamar Valley AONB

The Tamar Valley AONB team is pleased to announce a new pre-application service, to enable the AONB team to advise on aspects of potential developments in the context of their impact upon the AONB designation.

Ben Dancer, Planning Consultant for Tamar Valley AONB, explains; “This can help those wanting guidance to refine their schemes to minimise impacts upon the landscape. We can provide advice on how a scheme may conserve or even enhance the AONB before it is submitted to the Local Planning Authority.

Ben continues; “Our knowledge of the area can also be used to make developers aware of matters at a local level that may need further investigation, for example, flooding, archaeology, listed buildings, other designations, and so on”.

Whilst most Local Planning Authorities now offer a formal pre-application process, the Tamar Valley AONB pre-application service is specific in identifying impacts upon the designated landscape. In many instances, where a planning application is within or adjacent to the AONB, the TVAONB is asked to comment in the capacity of a consultee and will therefore provide formal comments on planning applications.

The benefit of the pre-application service is to identify those matters before any formal application is made and possibly avoiding unnecessary costs to revise a scheme at the stage it is being considered as a formal planning application.

The pre-application service will generally be free of charge for registered charities, Parish-led schemes and community schemes by community groups/Trusts, but the AONB retains the discretion to charge a modest fee should the scale of the advice demand significant resources – but this will be advised in advance. For others, a fee is charged to cover meetings, correspondence, review and site visits, as detailed in the guidance – please visit and click on ‘Care’, then ‘Planning’.

At the end of the process, you will take away a formal written response on the development proposal. This can then be submitted with your planning application to the Local Planning Authority as background information, helping to confirm the views of the Tamar Valley AONB with respect to the scheme.