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In 2009, Tamar Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty became involved in developing a series of tracks at Maddacleave woods (commonly known as Gawton), and it was with the help of the Tamar Valley Mining Heritage Project that three tracks were commissioned. The hugely experienced track designer Rowan Sorrell, with Woodland Riders providing the bulk of the labour, built these. With funding from Tamar Valley AONB, Devon Renaissance, West Devon Borough Council, South Hams Council, Defra, The Rural Development Agency, Greater Dartmoor Local Enterprise Action Fund and the E.U. the Mountain Bike Development Project was conceived with the aim of maximising the potential of Mountain Biking and Down Hill Mountain Biking at Maddacleave woods in particular.

The aim of the Mountain Bike Development Project was to make Maddacleave woods a destination by building a Reception Centre whilst broadening the demographic of riders using the facility by providing taster days to younger riders and female mountain bikers. The Gawton Gravity Hub now provides nine tracks with everything from flowy single track, to steep technical descending and you can also book on the uplift service with super fast turn around times.

Devon has long been a hotbed of Mountain Biking. Talented riders have steadily sprouted from within Devon’s borders over the years but until recently its tracks and trails have largely been secret or unpublished, and the Gawton Gravity Hub was constructed to address this issue. It is now well established and has a firm place on the mountain biking map in the South West and further afield.

Please note – as the tracks are built on private land that is leased by the operators – you MUST be a member or have a day pass to ride there. Click here to find out about how to buy your passes or membership.

With other projects in the area also looking to provide facilities for visiting cyclists, the Gawton Gravity Hub is helping to make the Tamar Valley one of the key areas for cycling in the UK.




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