Environmental Land Management (ELM) Test and Trials

Tamar Valley AONB is looking at new soil scanning technologies as part of the Farming for the Nation –  Environmental Land Management (ELM) Test and Trial programme.  Scanning measures how much carbon the soil contains. Higher carbon levels show healthy soil and help in the fight against climate change. This information could then form the basis of future payments to farmers and landowners.

The Tamar Valley is one of 12 AONBs who have joined together to undertake a collaborative national test and trials programme for ELM, hosted by the National Association for AONBs under the Farming for the Nation banner. The results will help to inform the UK government in setting its own agricultural policy over the next 5 years. We have now completed the soil scanning and are working with Duchy College, participating farmers and South West Farm Consultants to assess the results.

The trial started in the autumn of 2019 and is scheduled to conclude in June 2021.

You can read the Summary Report here.

Image – Soil sampling above St Germans (c) A Bebbington



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