Tamar Valley AONB Pre-application service

The Tamar Valley AONB offers a pre-application service that enable those wanting guidance on development proposals within the AONB or within its landscape setting to discuss their schemes in detail before submitting them to the Local Planning Authority (LPA).

This process provides greater clarity for developers in that it enables the advice of the Tamar Valley AONB to be given prior to a formal application in order to avoid issues being identified at the planning application stage when there are

greater time constraints and costs involved in identifying issues that are required to be resolved or those that are not capable of being mitigated.

The process also ensures that there is a consistent approach to applying the policies of the Tamar Valley AONB in relation to advising on development proposals to ensure landscape assessment, site selection, design, layout and

landscaping that is in keeping with the policies of the Tamar Valley AONB Partnership’s Management Plan.

Details of the pre-application service can be found here.