Care for our Valley, so it survives now and into the future

The Tamar Valley AONB team exists to conserve & enhance the natural beauty & cultural heritage of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, ensuring it can meet the challenges of the future.

But we can’t do it alone. Find out how you could become involved in keeping our Valley special.

Around 17,000 people live in the towns, villages and hamlets surrounding the Tamar Valley. The challenge is to evolve systems of working the land that will sustain farm families, supply good local food and other products and provide room for wildlife.

Our work is guided by the AONB Management Plan. This Plan looks at the many elements that make the area special and sets out how they’ll be looked after. You can see in more detail what we have been doing by reading our ‘Annual Reviews’ available here.

In 2008 we produced our first State of the AONB Report, a snapshot of the ‘health’ of the AONB landscape. This online Atlas is the result of that data collection exercise; the aim is to bring together maps and statistics that together paint a picture of the landscape. It also forms a valuable baseline for future monitoring work, enabling us to pick up trends in terms of the way that the landscape is being managed and the resilience of local communities. The report has been reviewed on a 5 yearly basis to coincide with the review of the Management Plan. The latest report was completed in 2019.

View our latest Monitoring report here.


Life on the Verge A4
Life on the Verge in Devon’ is a Devon County Council initiative to encourage local communities to safely manage road verges for the benefit of wildlife. 
Engagement with this project will be a great activity for community groups, parish and town councils, and members of the public, and aims to achieve a balance between Devon County Councils primary function of road safety, and opportunities for professional and community involvement in road verge manage for wildlife.
DCC has produced a step-by-step guidance document on how to manage a road verge for the benefit of wildlife, whilst also ensuring members of the public remain safe.
Click here for further details.


Tamar Valley AONB Forum 2018

Managing Environmental Change in Uncertain Times

This year’s AONB Forum, held in February, welcomed a range of key speakers who provoked much thought and discussion among those who attended. The theme of Managing environmental change in uncertain times included river and water quality, the trees in our landscape, farming and the future and more.

Click on the links below to view the presentations, as highlighted in this summer’s issue of The Valley newsletter;