Building Resilience in South West Woodlands

‘From Cornwall to the west coast of Scotland, globally rare temperate rainforests full of special lichens and mosses are found on Britain’s mild, damp Atlantic coastline’.


We are delighted to be partners in the Building Resilience in South West Woodlands project hosted by Plantlife who were awarded £433,700 from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to explore ways to make these special woodlands resilient to change, better understood and fully celebrated as part of the region’s natural heritage

Atlantic woodlands are one of Britain and Ireland’s most important habitats and, like any rainforest, are home to a vast diversity of plant life including some very rare lower plants including lichens, bryophytes and mosses.

These woods have inspired generations of writers, poets and painters including Wordsworth and Coleridge. However, both these woodland and their plants face severe challenges from climate change, air pollution, tree diseases and changes in management.

The vision for the project is to:

  • Carry out essential woodland conservation work that will help to protect some of our most rare and threatened lower plants
  • Create opportunities for the public and the people who manage these woods to enrich their knowledge about them
  • Engage schools, families and members of the public through innovative woodland events and training programmes.

There are plenty of opportunities in the Tamar Valley AONB from volunteering on citizen science projects such as carrying out Rapid Woodland Assessments to learning more about some of our most rare and threatened lower plants. Look out for upcoming opportunities on our Events calendar or via social media.

We will also be delivering Forest Bathing sessions in 2020 – more details coming soon. *Unfortunately, these have been postponed until further notice.

Check out the links to find out more about the Building Resilience project and access a great range of resources about Atlantic Woodlands or click on the image below to download the leaflet.



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