A Month to Remember – Tamar Valley Diaries Archived


One year on, and the diary entries from over 90 Tamar Valley residents who shared snippets of their daily lives during the month of June 2012, have been collated and archived for all to enjoy.


Diarykeepers captured the imaginations of a wide range of people from 4 to 80 years last summer, and organisers from the Tamar Valley AONB’s Cordiale* project are delighted to share this new resource with everyone.


‘Today I came home from camping’


‘Facebook, who cares?’


‘Why do weeds grow so fast?’


Hundreds of quotes, from a range of different perspectives, have been captured for all time, and beautifully presented, to show what life was like in the Tamar Valley in 2012.


Simon Bates, Cordiale Project Officer says; “Inspired by Joseph Snell’s diaries almost 100 years ago, depicting life as a Tamar Valley market gardener, we now have a unique and diverse snapshot of how people go about their daily lives – how they source their food & fuel, the challenges faced with finding & retaining work, what family life is like, their thoughts & worries.’


Anne-Marie Culhane, Diarykeepers organiser, continues; “What will life be like 100 years from now? And what lessons will have been learned from how we live our lives today? Diarykeepers has helped me to reflect more on how we and other members of our community live together, and I feel very privileged to have been a part of this moving project”.


The Diarykeepers archive, including entries from over 90 diary keepers is now available in the Calstock Parish Archive, Tamar Valley Centre, Drakewalls, for all to see (although it will be unavailable from 24th – 28th June inclusive, as it will be on tour in France for the Cordiale Conference).


The archive includes transcripts of all the diaries, a video and images from the Diarykeepers performance event, selected diary entries from Joseph Snell’s June diaries written between 1914-1938 and a composite ‘Tamar Valley Diary’ from a selection of entries written in 2012.


The Calstock Parish Archive is open Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 12:00noon – 5:00pm, and Thursdays & Fridays 9:00am – 2:00pm.


For further information on the Cordiale Project, visit www.tamarvalley.org.uk/projects/cordiale/


*The Cordiale project was selected under the European Cross-border Cooperation Programme INTERREG IV A France (Channel) – England, and co-funded by the ERDF.