River Tamar Walkway and Wetland project – Calstock

As work continues on the River Tamar Walkway & Wetland Project in Calstock, Tamar Community Trust has the following announcement regarding temporary footpath closure;

“Next week our contractors will be working on the section of the path between the playing field and the new flood bank, improving the path and bringing it up to the right level. To do this they will be adding material to the landward side to support the path.

At the same time work will be done to improve the outfall close to the sewage works which was exposed a few years ago and has been allowing river water to flow into and out of the ditch system unrestricted.

Unfortunately neither of these operations can be safely carried out with continued access along the path for the public so we will be closing the path temporarily. If all goes to plan, the path will be closed on Wednesday 22nd July, opened again for the weekend and then closed again for the week beginning 27th July.”

For further information on the River Tamar Walkway & Wetland Project, please click here…

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