Postgraduate research into UK Temperate Rainforests

Denise Rimmer is a volunteer with Plantlife and has been working in the Tamar Valley to identify and photograph our wonderful Atlantic woodlands, the UK’s Rainforests. Denise is currently working on her MSc research project investigating awareness and connection of the UK population to UK Rainforests, their interconnections and the how they might affect conservation and wellbeing.  

This research is being undertaken in recognition of the fact that UK Temperate Rainforests remain comparatively understudied, and public awareness is relatively low. Denise would like to better understand levels of awareness, levels of engagement, and how these are influenced by variables such as location, ethnicity, gender and individuals pre-existing connection to nature.

Can you please help Denise by completing her online questionnaire?

The questionnaire is anonymous and shouldn’t take any longer than 15-20 minutes. The end date for the survey is August the 15th 2020.


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