Friday Night Quiz – 3 July 2020


HLF_Calstock Parish


As lockdown restrictions are now beginning to ease, this will be the last week of our quiz.
Huge thanks to Tamar TLC for keeping it going for the past 3 months with some really great questions. Has anyone managed to get 100% without looking the answers up??
Here are this week’s questions (answers below… no peeping!
1. 2005 was the bicentenary of which naval battle?
2. In what year was Launceston Castle built?
3. Which king granted Cornwall a “Tinners’ Charter” in 1307?
4. Albaston Cemetery has a war memorial commemorating the fallen in three wars. Which are they?
5. What is the highest part of the back of a saddle called?
6. Which is the highest navigable lake in the world?
Answers to last week’s quiz;
1. Helen, 2. It was built by Robert, Count of Mortan, half brother to William the Conqueror, 3. Exeter station, 4. Trevalba, 5. New Bridge, Gunnislake, 6. The film, “Lion” tells the story of a five-year old boy, who became lost on a railway station in India and travelled by train miles from his home to Calcutta. Adopted by an Australian family, he traced his birth mother and was reunited with her, by using Google Earth maps to track along the railway lines in India until he found familiar landmarks.
Answers to this week’s quiz:
1. Battle of Trafalgar, 2. 1070, 3. King Edward 1, 4. World Wars 1 & 2, Korean War, 5. The cantle, 6. Lake Titicaca



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