Friday Night Quiz – 26 June 2020

IMG_0629It’s quiz time!

Thank you Tamar TLC for the questions…

1. What was Beatrix Potter’s first Christian name?

2. What is the connection between Launceston Castle & William the Conqueror?

3. On which railway platform was Allen Lane standing when he decided to found Penguin Books?

4. What is the Cornish name for Albaston?

5. Which bridge in the Tamar Valley was closed in both directions following an accident on 2nd April 2019?

6. The film “Lion” tells the remarkable story of an Indian man but what happened to him?

Answers to last week’s questions; 1. 113 feet (34m), 2. Lopwell Dam, 3. CQD (Come Quick Danger), 4. Only U boat to survive the war above the war because it was captured on the surface by the US Navy, 5. Torrey Canyon,  6. Ram & lion

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