Friday Night Quiz – 24 April 2020

In readiness for this evening, or over the weekend, here are your Quiz Questions for this week, plus answers to last week’s questions.
Thank you, as always to Tamar TLC for providing the questions.
1. 15.00 on 8th May 2020 marks what significant anniversary?
2. In what year was the Tamar Valley AONB designated?
3. In what film does a character called Holly Golightly appear?
4. What is the name given to the project concerning Daffodils in the Tamar Valley?
5. Where did Norman Duke William land in England in 1066?
6. How long is the Tamar Valley Discovery Trail?
Answers to last week’s quiz…
1. Lady Harriet, wife of the 3rd Curator of Kew Gardens, 2.
100 years old, 3. 1907, 4. Copper, Tin, Tungsten, Silver
5. Rod Stewart, 6. Henry Paget
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