Friday Night Quiz – 17th April 2020

Good evening from the Tamar Valley!
I hope you are all keeping well.
Here are the answers to last Friday’s quiz, along with new questions for this weekend;
1. Introduction of road tolls,
2. Bernard Law,
3. Waldorf & Nancy Astor,
4. George Fox – Founder of The Religious Society of Friends (The Quakers),
5. 75,
6. Ian McEwan
Thank you again to Tamar TLC for this week’s questions;
1. Who was the original owner of Weir Cottage, Weir Quay?
2. How old was St. Godric when he died?
3. In what year was the Calstock Viaduct built?
4. What four minerals were mined around Calstock?
5. What rock star was once married to Swedish actress, Britt Eckland?
6. Who invented the first articulated prosthetic leg?
Answers next Friday.
Please follow Government guidance – Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives
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