Friday Night Quiz – 12 June 2020

This week’s questions are again courtesy of Tamar TLC – many thanks!

1. At what house in Shropshire is the Royal Oak where Charles 11 hid following his defeat at the Battle of Worcester?

2. Where was arsenic produced in Gunnislake until at least 1930?

3. In what year was Bere Alston station opened?

4. What is the sudden increase in a star’s brightness and enormous release of energy at the end of its life called?

5. What was Lady Brassey famous for?

6. Where was a steam-powered lift installed to raise and lower wagons to the quay below?


Answers to last week’s questions;

  1. Modified Atmosphere Packaging – packaging that the oxygen has been replaced to reduce bacterial growth on the food.
  2. 98km (61 miles)
  3. Rivers Tavy & Tamar.
  4. Wendy, John & Michael
  5. The Osprey
  6. An arrow was shot from Old Sarum, which struck & killed a deer. The spot where it fell was where the first foundation stone was laid.
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