Friday Night Quiz – 1 May 2020

orange tipsHappy Friday from the Tamar Valley!

Thanks to our Development Officer, Coralie, for her picture of a pair of orange tips enjoying the spring sunshine.

It’s quiz time, and our thanks again to Tamar TLC for this week’s questions…

1. In what year did the first circumnavigation of the globe by a private yacht begin?
2. What is the Cornish name for Gunnislake?
3. What was unusual about the black beret worn by General Montgomery during the Battle of Alamein?
4. Who built the Great Weir at Weir Head?
5. In the natural world what is “Tane Mahuta”?
6. Which metal has the highest melting point?

Answers to last week’s questions;
1. 75 anniversary of Victory in Europe – WW11 in Europe declared over, 2. 1963, 3. Breakfast at Tiffanys, 4. Heralds of Spring, 5. Pevensey Bay, 6. 35 miles

Please continue to follow Government guidance – Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives. 

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