Friday Night Quiz – 08.05.20

double white & bluebell
Today’s our Friday, with the Bank Holiday tomorrow, so here are this week’s questions for our weekly quiz. Thank you Tamar TLC
1. What is Petrichor?
2. In what year was the Hubble Telescope put into orbit by NASA & ESA?
3. What is the highest point in the Tamar Valley?
4. Where is the source of the River Tamar?
5. In which musical are the following characters – Christine Daae (pronounced ‘die-ay’), Meg Giry and Raoul de Chagny.
6. “U boats” were much feared during WW2 but what does the “U” stand for?
Answers to last week’s questions; 1. 1876, 2. Lynngonna, 3. It had two badges on it – a General’s & a Sargent’s. Montgomery’s hat had been damaged, 4. The Abbots of Tavistock, 5. An ancient Giant Kauri in New Zealand – believed to be about 2,500 years old, 6. Tungsten
This beautiful Tamar Double White was spotted amongst the bluebells on the Bere peninsula.
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