Our Partners

The Tamar Valley AONB Partnership has a governance structure allowing all of its stakeholders to influence and oversee the development of policy within the Management Plan and action on the ground through the Delivery Plan. There are effectively three levels of operation for the Tamar Valley AONB Partnership:

The AONB team – comprising a core staff unit and additional project funded staff responsible for delivery and administration of the AONB Partnership and delivery plan

The Executive Group – comprising the constituent Local Authorities for the AONB. Cornwall Council is currently the ‘Host’ authority with financial, line management and employment responsibility for the core staff unit (and other project staff as appropriate). This group has overall/executive financial responsibility for the AONB Partnership and Staff Unit.  The Executive also has elected non-Council representatives from the AONB Partnership.

The Partnership – responsible for guiding, advising and supporting the AONB team and Core Funders Group through the production and delivery of the AONB Management Plan. The AONB Partnership is comprised of representatives from;