Friday Night Quiz – 19 June 2020

Calstock Viaduct (c) Tobi O'Neill/TON Drone Services

Calstock Viaduct (c) Tobi O’Neill/TON Drone Services

It’s Friday! Thanks to Tamar TLC for this week’s questions…

1. How high was the steam-powered lift installed to raise and lower wagons to the quays at Calstock Viaduct?

2. What is the name of the dam on the upper tidal mark of the River Tavy?

3. What letters were used for the original Marconi Distress Call?

4. What is unique about U-Boat 505 from WW2?

5. Which oil tanker ran aground on a reef between the Scilly Isles & Lands’ End on 18th March 1967 causing an environmental disaster?

6. What animals are on the coat of arms of Tavistock?

And the answers to last week’s questions…
1. Boscobel House, 2. Greenhill, 3. 1890, 4. A supernova,
5. Writing travel books about her voyages around the world in her luxury yacht, 6. Calstock Viaduct


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