Friday Night Quiz – 5 June 2020

IMG_20200515_182129It’s Friday!

Here are this week’s quiz questions, again thanks to Tamar TLC.

Apologies for the lack of questions recently, I took some time off for half-term.

  1. In the food industry, what do the letters MAP stand for?
  2. How long is the River Tamar?
  3. What two rivers form the peninsula on which the parish of Bere Ferrers stands?
  4. What are the names of the three “Darling” children in J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan”?
  5. What bird is symbolic of nature conservation in Britain?
  6. According to local folklore, how was the current location of Salisbury Cathedral decided upon?

Answers to 15th May quiz;

  1. Dormouse,  2. Asia,  3. 1959,  4. Culloden Moor, near Inverness,  5. Wrought iron & cast iron – no stone or brick arches,  6. Two



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